QVAESTIO by Johan B.G. Vandenblink out now

1968 editeur is proud to announce the publication of one of the first spiritual graphic novels or is it just an experiment? QVAESTIO is published in The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. During 2009 the art vs comic book will also be available in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Canada and Norway. Via internet you can order QVAESTIO - of course - from everywhere.
Author Johan B.G. Vandenblink explains: "I can remember that my dog’s eye-sight was bad. He used to bark when he saw me at a distance. It inspires me to write QVAESTIO: what does a dog see anyway? And what kinds of images do dogs see when they are dreaming? I notice as well that dogs do feel the mental shape of his 'boss'. And on the other side, they also have mood swings as people. I have tried to create images from a viewing point of a dog, or other pet, even silent people, it depends how you want to interpret the pictures. As technique I choose for a combination of a traditional storyboard and expressionism. Not often used in graphic novels, if I'm allowed to call it that." Vandenblink creates different arty metaphors. "Are you aware with the meditative aspect of music? Then you can imagine what I've tried to do: instead of music, pictures lead you to get in touch with memories, vintage dreams and feelings." But in combination with music QVAESTIO can be a mental adventure? "Sure. I've doubt to recommend a kind of soundtrack on the back cover, like Cosey used to do, but some imagery asks for different music. Or vice versa. Listen for example to the album 'Bewitched' by Andy Summers and Robert Fripp, Mark Hollis' solo album or Kreidler and you'll experience QVAESTIO on various levels and moods."

Johan B.G.Vandenblink published his first cartoon in 1980. Later he published comic strips and cartoons in some local papers (NL/A). Some cartoons where showed at cartoon exhibitions in Japan, Croatia, France and Brazil. Until mid 90's he made some cartoons and comics before he became a journalist and writer. In 2008, after realizing just some art work, he finished his first book/project QVAESTIO, published by 1968 () publishing. The book is already available in Australia, the Netherlands and Belgium. More countries will see QVAESTIO very soon. The first QVAESTIO exhibitions are planned this autumn. Also a soundtrack will be made.

QVAESTIO - isbn 978-90-813546-1-5 - 1968 (editeur-verlag-publishing-uitgeverij) - € 8,99